May 9

first 100wc!!!

link to 100wc website!! ( go look at it for fun! )

…I just couldn’t eat something so…

i walked into the bar i sat down in a booth next to the window i ordered a donut. i was ravounus. i was sure i would eat anything…but when the waiter flaunted into the room with my order in hand… oh no! she placed the plate infront of me oh no no no no!… i just couldn’t eat something so…terrible i just wanted te throw it out it was bitten already and moldy!! yuck!!! i left in shock, regergitating up all that i had eaten!



thanks for reading



May 8


Hi my name is nikita and ilike school! My favourite topic at school is maths! I am a year 4! And i have 2 dogs called c’c and charlotte! I have trained them alot! I like dogs better then cats! I do gymnastics! and my favourite colour is purple! I have 2 siblings called angelina and stephan. angelina is 4 months old and stephan is 7 years old! but i am the oldest! I like my siblings alot. But i really enjoy being the oldest sibling. My hobby is colecting stones and crystals! i have 3 pets in my famly! and they are all dogs!

and thats a little about ME!! 🙂

May 4

Hello world!

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